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Architect: Lewis A. Dix

Similar to the modern Ranch style houses of the 1940's, the notable side gable roof and asymmetrical design of this house characterizes it as an early mid-century modern home. The Ranch style home is an excellent example of early mid-century architecture and the suburban home as it begins to incorporate one very new feature to the private home, the garage. With the ever-growing population of automobiles homeowners no longer sought out the previously compact, closely situated homes. Instead sprawling designs on much larger lots began to emerge as the new dominate style. 

February 1955_Durham, NC

Private Residence

February 1955_Greensboro, NC

Private Residential Interior: Otto Zenke

August 1955_Article

Architect's Opinion: Contemporary Home

October 1955_Charlotte, NC

Better Homes and Garden Featured Residence: A.G. Odell

A.G. Odell Residence

January 1956_Hickory, NC

Architects Residence: Beemer Harrell, AIA

Exterior View

Floor Plans

September 1957_Wilmington, NC

Private Residence

David W. Wilson Residence
Wilmington, NC

Leslie N. Boney, AIA

Complete in 1952, the home was located on a corner wooded lot, approximately 200 X 150 feet. The home is 3,500 sq.ft. including a large terrace. The main criteria for the home, set forth by the owners, was an open house to their lot, with privacy towards both streets. The house was predominately finished in stained douglas fir, deep red brick, aluminum windows and white asbestos roof shingles.